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The current infrastructure was never intended for a live-environment, and we are now working on a different solution. On the other hand, it makes no longer sense to remain at Hetzner at this moment in time due to the IPv6-problem. For now, this unfortunately leads to an unjustifiable amount of downtime in relation to the expenses.

Of course, we'll be back! We will be even more professional, stronger with a completely different hardware and even better performance.

KeweonDNS hasn't been JUST an adblocker for quite a while. By now there's more behind keweon, a self-learning AI solution that has proven itself again and again over the last 6 years.

While other companies block dangerous connections – a discovery they proudly published prematurely, the same information has been on keweon's blacklists since 2017, to name just one of countless examples.
We'll explain what this AI actually is and how it works in detail at a later date.

Basically all of it. DNS offers technical capabilities far beyond the familiar, which aren't even remotely used by globally well-known companies.

In a world where the internet goes far beyond the browser, such as cloud operating systems, web-enabled gaming systems or SmartTVs, browser plugins seem practical but are almost ineffective, particularly concerning security and data protection outside of the web browser.

As of today, even well-known companies still sell technologies from the last century, promoted as the best solution to protect against current threats.
Cyber threats damage the global economy by approximately $6 trillion each year. In Germany alone, the industry association BITCOM estimates the damages at over EUR 230 billion (!) per year, and the trend is rising. Cyber threats are expected to reach damages around $10 trillion annually by 2025.

These figures alone clearly show the ineffectiveness of these outdated technologies, for which many companies still invest enormous sums of money.

Alas, we can't put all our cards on the table as of now. We ask for your patience at this moment and for you to form your own judgement.

Despite the use of an NDA some of our company secrets have been copied and shared by investors in the past. Even “global players” have tried to copy keweon in the past.
Still our idea was copied with no gratitude or apology. The follow-through turned out factually flawed because they even failed at copying. One could have simply asked.

Not even one. So far, we've had irreconcilable differences with all potential investors since they wanted to collect and sell user data to "secure ROI". Collecting user data in order to sell it is against our guiding principles and an absolute deal-breaker.

This is the main reason we haven't found any German investors as of yet. But our stance on this matter will never change.

keweonDNS is only the beginning. We have developed and tested technologies in the last few years which are – disguised as ad blockers - still in use today.

For example our anti-spam-mail-solution which is 100% based on DNS. With around 200 million spam and phishing emails PER DAY worldwide – again with an upward trend - it is time for a better solution.

Our current standard clocks at around 2 to 5 seconds for blacklisting and whitelisting emails, which is already significantly faster than any other currently "working" solutions, which sometimes take up to several weeks for similar results.
Our goal is the implementation in real time.
Nevertheless, even in a test environment we are 1000 times faster and more effective than what is currently offered. When it takes "global players" up to a few weeks for the same result, that is entirely too slow in our opinion.

To quote a German tech-investor on this matter:
There is neither market nor necessity.

Since we are from Augsburg, we hope for some kind of exchange or possible collaboration with the companies BARRACUDA NETWORKS (Augsburg) and/or SOPHOS in order to implement this solution together. We know this sounds utopian but just wait and see what’s going to happen.

The first servers went online on October 23, 2014, and I never expected what happened next. Almost 4 million users within a few months, even though everything was only running as a test system.

I have so many people to thank. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and you guys often inspired me and gave me really good ideas.

So at this point a thank you to all of you:

● All active users until today
● All users, who reported all black/whitelists requests so diligently
● All companies and their employees who contributed to our improvement throughout the years.

You have helped to make possible what is about to come.

A very personal thank you (in alphabetical order) to:

● A1 Austria (Thanks to the CyberSecurity Department & Martin)
● ANDROID-HILFE Forum (Thanks to all users)
● AVM Berlin (Thanks to Lars & Martin)
● BECHTLE (Thanks to the Cloud Team)
● DCD AG Swiss (Thanks to Paolo & Maurizio)
● DIGATUS IT GROUP (Thanks to Chris for everything!)
● DVAG DE (Thanks to Joerg & DVAG Privacy Department)
● EPAY.DE (Thanks to Robert)
● EQUINIX (Thanks to Andrea & Christopher)
● ERGO VERSICHERUNG (Thanks to Murat)
● Federal Office for Information Security – BSI (thanks to all colleagues)
● GENERAL CAPITAL GROUP (Thanks to Juergen)
● HETZNER (Thanks to the entire Support)
● HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE DE and Irland (Thanks to Marcel)
● INNOGY & E.ON (Thanks and all the best to Roland)
● INSIGHT GmbH (Thanks to Manfred, Chris & Evelyn)
● IVANTI (Thanks to Andi)
● KIA DEUTSCHLAND GMBH (Thanks to Michi for all the tests)
● NOKIA (Thanks to Thorsten for all the ideas)
● PORSCHE AG (Thanks to Andreas)
● SoftwareOne (Thanks to Patrick (✞), Hermann & Sven)
● SONY Austria (Thanks to Wolfgang)
● XDA-DEVELOPERS (Thanks to all users & the Forum Team)

and finally, a special thank you to:

● U.S. Senator RON WYDEN - Oregon (Thank you a thousand times for your amazing work)


keweon becomes

To make keweon more professional we'll be founding a company in Germany, to give the whole thing an entrepreneurial framework. keweon will be a product of AVIONTEX GmbH and is 100% investor-free. We decided to finance the project privately.


Eric Neumann

CEO, CoFounder & Sales

Matthias Hager

CoFounder & IT-Operation
Zertifizierter IT-Dienstleister nach §21 KHSFV

Andreas Gufler

Privacy Officer & IT-Auditor

Torsten Jahnke

CEO, Inventor, Developer & Founder
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IT Security & Network Architect